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Transferencias Bancarias

How to transfer funds from your bank account to your trading account.

  1. To transfer funds from bank account to your trading account, choose “Live Account” -> “Deposit Funds”.
  2. Choose “Bank Transfer” from the list of payment systems. Specify the amount of the transfer and type of currency for the transaction. Before making a transfer, study internal currency rates of RoboForex in case the currency of the bank account differs from the currency of the trading account, and then click on “Deposit Funds”.
  3. Check the specified amount of the transfer and a number of the trading account, fill the “Date” box to generate an invoice, and click on “Get the Invoice”. The invoice will be generated automatically, according to specified data.
  4. Make a transfer from your currency account to the account of the RoboForex at EMIRATES NBD BANK.
  5. After the transfer is made, choose “Live Account” -> “Deposit Transaction Notification” -> “Bank Transfer” and complete the form specifying the following information:
  • date;
  • currency of the transfer;
  • amount of the transfer;
  • account number.

and click on “Send Notification”.

  1. Use “Live Account” to track completed funds deposition procedures. You can view the status of your latest payments in the “Deposit Funds” section.
  2. When the funds deposition procedure is completed, the status of the transaction will be changed into “Completed”. Choose the Client Terminal to make sure the funds were deposited.
  3. In case the funds are not deposited to your account upon the expiration of the 5 days from the day of the transfer, ask the bank for a swift copy confirming the transfer of funds from the bank account and send it to the Payments Department.
  4. Fill the “Purpose of Payment” box with the invoice number and date.

The payment of invoice N ____ , dd/mm/year.

  1. Period of payment is 3-to-5 days from the day of the transfer. Funds are deposited to the client’s account after they are transferred to RoboForex’s bank account.


  • You should not correct the Purpose of Payment; you can coordinate it with your bank. If the Purpose of Payment is incorrect, the funds are not deposited.
  • Your expenses include your bank’s transfer fee. You can visit your bank’s website to learn more about transfer/deposit/withdrawal fees.
  • Transfers can be made in USD or EUR;
  • You can use bank currency transfers to deposit funds if your account has one of the following deposit currencies: USD, EUR, RUR. For your convenience, current internal exchange rates set by RoboForex are published daily;
  • Please be aware that RoboForex does not carry out transfers to or from addresses of legal entities/individuals registered in Iran, Iraq or North Korea;
  • If you are a legal entity/individual registered in Iran, Iraq or North Korea with an intention to make a transfer to RoboForex’s bank account, please contact the Payments Department to specify the information.
  • Please be careful when filling in the bank transfer papers, paying close attention to the "Recipient" details. If you make a mistake, the bank will be forced to start a time-consuming process of checking particulars between banks.
  • The Payments Department will only take letters sent from your registered email address under consideration.